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We teach people how to make miniature clay figurines, pastries and flowers which can be used as hair accessories, earrings, wedding favours as well as wedding hand bouquets and much more!

We are the sole importer for Shinwa Japanese Clay Products in Singapore

At Craft-It-Yourself you will find a wide selection of products, ranging from HeartyClay, tools, books and accessories to folk arts materials. We provide both wholesale and retail prices.

Interested in craft making?

If so, we conduct lesson for all ages* as long as you are willing to put your creativity to great use!
*Kids from age 4 and above

Corporate workshops are available too.

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[mpc_vc_icon_column icon=”fa-scissors” color=”#e80e52″ title=”Original Tools” text=”We use only original, imported, tools so that you can work on your crafts with precision.” link=””]
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